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A Short Story

About Vincent's history

Founded in 1994 by Latvian culinary legend Martins Ritins (1949-2022), Vincents has become a trend-setter and quality standard for modern urban organic cuisine. Restaurant’s interior and art gallery embodies a sentiment of artistic experience and a menu of exquisite food and wines. Vincent’s new chef Uvis Janičenko has acquired his culinary taste and skills in most prestigious Michelin starred restaurants and is now keen to offer his signature seasonal style menu for Vincent’s clients.

Martins Ritins
(1949 – 2022)

Vincents, as it is now, is a legacy left by the legendary chef Mārtiņš Rītiņš.

From a small art-gallery style cafe he created the finest of fine dining restaurants in Latvia with a guest-book featuring the highest profile dignitaries and world-class celebrities.

As an icon of modern Latvian culinary culture, Mārtiņš spent much of his time and effort educating people about healthy eating habits, the Slow Food movement and the mastery of cooking. He felt it was his responsibility to make a difference and leave the world a better place. 


Thank you, Mārtiņ!

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