For more that fifteen years Mr. Martins Ritins has been a star in the Latvian culinary sky. Chef is a British-born Latvian grew up in the industrial town of Corby, before moving to London to become a chef. He then spent many years in Toronto, Canada, where he acquired a fondness for organic food. Martins maintains a close relationship with many of Latvia's small-scale organic farmers, and purchases the recipe ingredients for Vincents’ dishes directly from the farmers whenever possible. Martins tries to obtain only the best and freshest products, which means that Vincents’ menu changes in accordance with the fruits, vegetables, berries and mushrooms that are in season at any particular time.

Martins for many years has hosted his own cooking television show on Latvian State Television "Kas var būt labāks par šo?", where he travels the world and introduces foreign taste experiences to a Latvian audience.

He is also the president of Latvia's Slow Food Association and has adopted the State ll Grammar School, where he educates children and students about importance of understanding about what we eat.

His book, "Eating with Martins", was notable for using only the products that were available in Latvia at that time, and is now a collector’s item.

His special brand of humour and knowledge has made him as fit for presentation and enjoyment by the public as his meals are at his restaurant. Martins together with his restaurant staff has hosted all the official state dinners for all the Kings and Queens, to Presidents and pop stars including the Emperor of Japan, President of China, Queen Elizabeth ll, George Bush, Tony Blair, Romano Prodi and many many more.


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