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On Sep 30, 2017, Baltic Sommelier Vana Tallinn Grand Prix 2017 took place in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vincents restaurant manager and best sommelier of Europe 2017 Raimonds Tomsons had an honor to Head of the Jury of the semi-final of Vana Tallinn Grand Prix 2017  together with Sören Polonius  – one of the best sommelier coaches in the world from Sweden! The winners of Vana Tallinn Grand Prix 2017 are:

  1. Fredrik Lindfors from Sweden
  2. The Baltic best sommelier is Martynas Pravilonis from Lithuania
  3. The 2nd in the Baltics is Els Maria Uibo from Estonia
  4. The 3rd is Ketri Leis from Estonia
  5. The best junior sommelier of Baltics is Silvija Umaraite from Lithuania