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We are pleased and proud to announce that Canard de Rouen à la Presse or pressed duck with bloody sauce has returned in the restaurant Vincents. You will be able to follow the cooking process, as traditionally the dish is prepared in front of the table. The unique design of the duck press is made after individual order of Vincents.

The origin of the art of preparing pressed duck is found at the beginning of the 19th century, when this dish was served to the nobles as a classic gastronomic enjoyment. In 1890, the recipe was taken over by chef Frederick. Since then pressed duck became so special and beloved that the name of every person who enjoyed this dish was recorded in the kitchen book, awarding each entry with specific sequential number. This tradition is still cherished! By enjoying the Canard de Rouen in the à la Presse in restaurant Vincents, you will become a part of the only kitchen book of this kind in Riga, as well as receive your own entry number.

Our Challans breed ducks come from the Birgo (Burgaud) home in Vendée, France. When making a reservation, we will tell you more about these fleshy ducklings and the entertaining way of serving them. The pressed duck can be enjoyed by a company of two to four persons.

Please call or email us to make Canard de Rouen à la Presse reservation (prior reservation is mandatory)!