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Raimonds Tomsons became the manager of the Vincents restaurant by replacing Mārtiņš Rītiņš who retired after long and fruitful 23 – years – line – of – work  as the Executive Chef and Manager on July 1, 2017.

In 1999, Raimonds started working as a waiter at Vincents restaurant and since then has developed a stunning career becoming a world-class sommelier just recently winning the title of “The Best Sommelier of Europe”. His charismatic personality, elegance and a fine eye for every detail have been highly appreciated by the clients which frequently happen to be high-ranking politicians from all over the world, opera singers, musicians and alike. Throughout the years he has proved himself not only as a knowledgeable and attractive sommelier but also as a leader of the team. Becoming the manager Raimonds main task is to further  develop and refine the existing culinary concept.

Are there any expected changes in Vincents restaurant?

There definitely will be some changes, but with the added value. The restaurant will offer a higher level of wine culture with personalized style, character and philosophy. Our sommeliers have developed an exquisite wine list to suit different tastes to be accompanied by the finest dishes from our menu and oustanding service will guarantee the most amazing ‘wine and dine’ experience. The guests of Vincents restaurant will be have an additional opportunity  – choosing wine first based on the recommendation of our sommelier,  in turn our Executive Chef will match them with the highest quality standards of cooking  and most suitable dishes.

Do you have any plans for wine connoisseurs and gourmet dinners?

Vincents restaurant will host gourmet dinners with the most famous wine producers from Europe and around the world. Our goal is to become the center of gastronomic taste and expertise, where the art of cooking and wine culture reaches new heights of art of grace, professionalism, knowledge and skills on your plate.

Raimonds Tomsons believes that:

“Exquisite food and wine most certainly needs and deserves an upscale accompaniment to everything!  I will make sure that each and every guest of Vincents restaurant reflects the effort, time and love that my team has invested in creating THE VINCENTS’ EXPERIENCE.*

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